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Becoming a Theta Xi

Theta Xi is not a living arrangement, it is an experience. Forget any stereotypes you might have seen on T.V. or in the movies – we defy them. Our members include former high school student body presidents, all-state athletes and state champions in debate and forensics. Our success has been great and varied, yet even with these past accomplishments, Theta Xi has challenged each one of us socially, physically and intellectually. In high school we were among the best at what we did and craved a further challenge. Theta Xi was the answer.

A fraternity is only as good as the men who call it home. As our members move out into the world, we must replenish our membership with the best candidates possible. If you would like to share in an experience that will challenge your definitions of success, loyalty and friendship, we would like to hear from you.

Our primary rush efforts occur in the spring. We hold a number of rush events that allow us to learn a little more about you and for you to experience a taste of things to come. Start by completing our rush form so that we can become acquainted with you and your past accomplishments. If you have any questions regarding rush, feel free to contact our Rush Chairmen, Landry Weber at or at (913) 568-5407 or Ben Fiarkoski at or at (913) 230-0919, or any other member of Theta Xi you might know. The Theta Xi experience begins the first time you express your interest in joining our fraternity. We encourage you to start now.

The Theta Xi Experience

Theta Xi is a unique and challenging experience. We emphasize personal responsibility and motivation, and our rules and polices reflect this belief. As we move out into the world, no one will be there to micromanage our behavior and attitudes. In view of this fact, we have created an atmosphere which best encourages the qualities and characteristics that will allow us to succeed beyond our years within these walls.

At no point during your experience at Theta Xi will you be subject to any sort of hazing or abuse.

The privileges and responsibilities of our members are the same the first day they walk into the house as a freshman as they are for the senior the day he is moving out. If you are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of those younger than you, stay in high school. We are all adults, so you can expect to be treated as one.

In the past, we have been extremely successful academically and athletically. Theta Xi placed first in grades among fraternities for both the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters. Our average GPA for the fall 2017 semester was 3.573, which broke the record for the highest ever GPA by a Fraternity at Kansas State University. Also, Theta Xi was crowned intramural champions for the all fraternity league for the second straight year in 2018